Harnessing data & AI for patients & vulnerable individuals

We are a not-for-profit data and analytics company helping organisations that deliver positive outcomes for society to succeed


What we do

We bring together passionate and committed people to build analytics, technology and digital capabilities to improve outcomes for patients and vulnerable customers.

Patient Acceleration

We bring knowledge from across the NHS, experts, your patients and your workforce to execute a co-ordinated plan any NHS organisation can adopt to accelerate treatment and reduce waiting times.

Vulnerable Customers

We are all vulnerable at times, our loved ones are vulnerable at times, and in an increasingly digital world it is time we start to actively seek out and care for vulnerable people in digital channels.​

Healthcare organisations

Supporting the NHS to develop analytics capability and accelerate patient flow

Financial industry

Assisting financial services organisations comply with FCA vulnerable customer guidelines

Government services

Detecting vulnerable customers to ensure they receive appropriate care and treatment

Tools, techniques & partners

Monitoring Vulnerable Customers

Using all customer voice and text sources to listen for signals of vulnerability

Process mining for the NHS

Accelerating patient journeys and reducing waiting lists by uncovering bottlenecks and constraints

FutureNHS Strategic Partner

Helping the NHS develop their analytics capabilities through coaching and education

Data visualisation

Visualising data to enable powerful stories, that drive change, to be told with data

Coaching & teaching

Supporting teams  develop their capabilities through coaching and education rather than expensive consulting

Who we collaborate with

What our clients say

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Reflections on 2021

A reflection on our 2021 journey and our plan for 2022

Tools & Techniques

Using process mining to accelerate elective recovery in the NHS

Find out how NHS patient flow data can power AI-enhanced process mining tools to accelerate patient journeys

Tools & Techniques

Free your data and kill the spreadsheets

Liberating data from PAS & PTL spreadsheets creates a myriad of performance enhancing opportunities


Digital road to recovery

Tools & Techniques

Using Digital Co-ordination to increase remote consultation capacity

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